​A sleepless night 

Thoughts have a fight.

Shooing away the dark thoughts under the lamp burning bright

I hope my friend’s result comes out right
Our journey started together, 

Our Friendship delicate as a feather,

Braved the storms and beautiful weather 

Just hoping the result doesn’t shred her.
I recall the day I has passed,

She hadn’t, but still she laughed,

Her deep sorrow, well masked,

Ignorant I was to never ask.
The rising sun brought in the day,

To every deity I did pray,

Oh lord give us good news and no dismay,

Chalking possibilities and things I would say
“Result declared” the internet said,

Fingers crossed, I sit upright on my bed 

Rising thirst no water can quench 

Other than the sight of her jumping with joy on the wooden bench
Moments later I look at her,

The dejected face confirmed by worst fear

Gets up and walks away 

I run behind, I’ll walk with you I say.
Moist eyes, drooped face

Steps towards me ignorant of her open shoe lace

And clings to me and hugs me tight,

Embracing her with feeble might
There always comes a time when things are utterly not right

It’s at these times you need to stand up and give a fight.


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