Amid the onging ear blasting drilling and hammering in my house I come across a bunch of wires. Long, multicolored strings doing their carrying job ever so efficiently, never missing the switch on switch off command. And then towards the end crissing and crossing each other into chaos.

A few hours later as I was driving on an empty road offered to me by a sunday evening this picture suddenly comes to mind. Every colour of the wire resembling a different thought carried from one corner of the mind to the other and then suddenly meeting the others and lost in chaos!

Thoughts of Love, work, goals, doubts, expectations keep racing in my mind all the time. But it’s when they come together that makes me wonder if I really am on the right track to becoming what I want, achieve what I want and possess what I want. Somehow I have managed to habituate myself to an external reassurance about everything I do.

It would be soo much easier if we had to deal with one thought at a time. Winning one battle at a time. It’s this combined entwined entangle array of thoughts which keep hitting you hard.

At such times all you can do is turn off the switch. But with a guaranteed heaviness that the switch off is just temporary. The thoughts will flow with equal vigour next time I switch on!


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