Every time a close friend leaves the city there is a sense of void. Being in the 20s means you see a lot of people switching cities and I have been a witness to such a phenomenon 3-4 times in the last one year.

But this time it’s different. My buddy isn’t changing cities, he is changing continents and timezones. 

Here I am, sitting on a swing with my feet too heavy to walk. In absolutely no mood whatsoever to go and work. I have spent all the time I possibly had with him ensuring I have no regrets of not meeting him in person for the next 2 years plus but there is something missing. Something terribly missing. Maybe it’s just the feeling.

My brain here is having 2 parallel thoughts. One of seeing him extremely happy doing what he loves and the other of him not being by my side. I know in this digital age distances are reduced to a mere distance between your face and the laptop screen but physical distances are the ones which no internet can ever fill.

It’s exactly 12 hours before I go to the airport and see him off.

All I hope for him is a brilliant life and growing bonds. 

We will always be there for you. 


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