The urn of humanity

When you stay in a city like the one in which I do, there is always a sea to captivate you no matter what time of the day you are at.
Tired with my hectic schedules I decided to leave a little early from work. After shutting my laptop with a customary thud (yes that gives me satisfaction of some sorts) I booked a private cab. The app shows 10 minutes for the vehicle to arrive. This gave me 10 minutes to either watch the waves do their bit or to satiate my tongues need for a spicy roadside sandwich. It was almost the famous mind versus heart battle. Mind prevailed.




As I dipped the last bite of my sandwich in the overly tasty chutney and was looking for a trash box I saw this stone urn.

Half filled with water I wasn’t sure what it was meant for, maybe to wash hands I thought. As I bent to dip my greasy fingers into the urn I heard a voice. “This is clean water for the birds. Would you drink dirty water” the man said in Hindi. Though his tone was a perfect blend of sarcasm and fury, I had a sudden exponential boom in respect for the small time paan vendor.

That’s when I decided this urn was special. It has the look of prehistoric times but definitely a heart not even close to that of our modern times.

The Monday challenge


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