Nature at its fullest

The monsoons have arrived here in India and with it arrives the unmatched freshness and departs the sultry conditions which seem to have there forever now.

Nevertheless let’s forget the heat now and enjoy nature bloom to its fullest.

This also marks the beginning of me clicking everything beautiful around me.

Here is a challenge for the blogging community. Doesn’t matter if you have a mobile phone camera or a DSLR, doesn’t matter if it’s spring or winters in your part of the world. Let’s all click everything beautiful we see around us.

Once you are done clicking you can ping back (link your blog post to mine) so that we can try and have one good compilation of beautiful nature.

I have put in my “click of the week” hope you guys do it too!!!



Trees begin to show their joy


Mating fireflies


9 thoughts on “Nature at its fullest”

    1. Thank you so much. I have tried to make it a challenge of some sorts so that everyone can participate. Why don’t you too add some images and ping it back so that we can have a good collection of pictures.
      Thanks again


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