The place

Here I lie
Gazing endlessly towards a clear sky
Sea by my side
Murmuring of the tide

Countless times I have come to this place
Each time with a different expression on my face
Birthdays, love, solitude, pride
The sea has taken it all in its stride

I see the airplane fly across the sky
Reminding me the  times this plac


e has always motivated me to try
The stress may be from work or love,
There is never a moment as tranquil as beholding a free flying dove

The crimson sky, the setting sun
My heart beats absolutely demotivated to run
More men and women come to see the sun meet the horizon
Making sure they momentarily forget their darkest treason

Soft breeze caressing my cheeks
How much I have missed this place for weeks
The well lit up bay, the distant boats
I pay no heed to disturbing throats

One one side I have a baby feeble
On the other an adorable beagle
Their beautiful faces don’t give out what’s in their mind
I must confess, the thoughts have kept my mind entwined

Be it early mornings or evenings late
As always, I continue to enjoy my wait
As a million thought continue to flock the convolutions of my brain,
Down comes the gushing rain

People running and leaves falling
I see my mobile screen saying “best friend” calling
This made sure I’ll miss the beautiful crescent moon
But I promise the place I’ll come back soon


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