Refreshing without a cause!


The Monday challenge

This picture will have a social message with it.
There has been an acute shortage of water in quite a few parts of my state. Even bigger cities receive just a few hours of water each day.
The message here is to save water. It’s more precious then all precious metals combined.
Going back to the picture, though it is very refreshing to see a miniature fountain like this one on a hot afternoon, its even more disheartening to see the water go waste.


4 thoughts on “Refreshing without a cause!”

  1. You are almost surrounded by water. But still drinking water is scarce. Ironies!
    The way the line runs across the frame is nice. You can try slow shutter speed with that ‘water fountain’ ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Umm we almost think alike.. I did try with the slow shutter speed but it hasn’t really turned out to be too nice. And since this was right in the middle of the road couldn’t get a chance to click a third pic.
    We’ll it’s a total irony. Hoping for some nice rains now. Monsoons have already hit your state. haven’t they.?


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