Beagle love…


It’s been almost 3 years since I started contemplating to adopt this beautiful being. A Beagle. No! I have no doubts whatsoever whether to go ahead or not. All I can say is living in a family has its share of flip sides.

Today what makes me glad is my mother who has been reluctant to even think about a pet at home finally agreed to visit an animal care centre. Though it came with a precondition that she would ask the manager of the adoption centre whatever questions she had in mind. I readily agreed.

Atleast I have a glimmer of hope now of getting a Beagle home!!!

While I was in awe of the various breeds of dogs available and most importantly the beagle my mother was busy talking to the manager. What amazed me was the fact that my mother had actually started to think positively about the whole adoption thing.


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