Chance encounter.

How often are we able to find people who can match your wavelength and level of thinking. Some people pretend to show that they can communicate at the same level oftentimes failing miserably. But at other times you find the right people at places you least expect them to be found.

Well, to set a background, I belong to a professional community where people won’t communicate even if they are paid to do it. To find someone who can blabber whatever they want is nothing short of a far fetched dream.
Amid all the fuss of me becoming a member of this so called prestigious community( it’s not that I hate the profession but it’s kind of filled with people having a very different mindset) I chose to attend a placement program organized by the institute. As usual I enter the huge hall looking out for someone I know just so that I can cut my time. Seeing the back seats lying empty I decided to sit there so that atleast I could fall asleep while the presenters do their talking.

Right next to me sat a girl. There was not a distant chance of a teeny tiny thought passing through my head that 30-40 days down the line we would be as close as we “think” we are today. Obviously the hot topic “I need a good job in this particular field” was the ice breaker. Having known a few people I offered to forward her details to a few firms. Maybe we were meant to meet and share ideas. A few days later I am told she has joined the same firm I would be working with. Though we weren’t  close enough at that time I had that tiny bit of excitement of meeting her at the prestigious office.

What followed were days of travelling, sharing our “experiences” and well our love for dogs. Cab rides to and from office suddenly became a lot more exciting (maybe because there was someone else to talk to other than the cabbie)

The world may think whatever it wants to but for us we are a “stock” and a shoulder to lean on.

Today as I ponder what made us click, I don’t get a definitive answer. But who cares. At such times its these chance encounters that go a long way


4 thoughts on “Chance encounter.”

  1. I had a chance encounter with a woman at a job interview..and we “clicked” She has become the most important person in my life outside of my family. I simply call it a “God thing” and stopped thinking about the why’s of it all. I am just grateful that it happened.

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  2. It’s always interesting, given the time and place, we meet certain people that end up being a very close and important part of our lives. Reminds me of how I met a pesky rabbit… Any ways good read, chance encounters are always dubious and random, but that’s part of the fun I suppose


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