How is it that something as petty as mood can define the whole bloody day for you!

It started off with unwillingness to get out of bed until the housemaid barges into my room and switches the fan off. Absolutely cruel in these days of heat. A sudden call from a friend reminded me of the fact that it’s a monday, well not because it a bloody Monday but for the next two and a half months it also means Game of thrones day. With the hope that the much loved show will pick up my sinking mood I decided to leave half hour later for work.

There are some days where the world conspires to ruin your mood in your face. The poor auto rickshaw driver was just a puppet in this big conspiracy.

Something inside me said “just take a sick leave and sleep” but when you work for a multinational consulting firm and already having bad set of days you know you can’t afford to let a single opportunity flow merrily into the gutter. I ended up taking my handicapped chair (the lever doesn’t work. This didn’t affect me for so many days but today it did). The internet followed suit. I was done for the day already with the clock showing no mercy whatsoever.

As if non living things weren’t affecting me enough already there had to be a human interference. A senior tells me to give a review of something that has been going on for ever now and it’s not even that huge to take more than a week to conclude. Bang! I decided. I am not working 1 second beyond the normal hours. Ended up working 13.5 minutes more.

Some days are meant to be a disaster. Maybe the ones who get affected are the ones who suffer but is it ever as easy as it seems



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