An empty bridge


A few days back I saw this deserted bridge at a local railway station


14 thoughts on “An empty bridge”

      1. That’s cool. So let’s learn how pingback works. If you can post the link of my latest challenge post anywhere inside your post, I get a notification saying that you’ve linked my post in yours post. That’s called pingback. Do you wanna try it?

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      2. Yes, it absolutely worked. Now let’s learn how to do it neatly 😉
        Edit the post, select a text, let’s say “challenge post” and the click on the link button on the edit tools and insert the link on the pop up window. I’m sure you can figure this out too.


    1. You should have clicked the reply button and send me the message. I didnt get notification for this reply since it was like posting a comment on your post rather than replying me. Anyway you dont want the nevillledalal to appear?


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